Coping for a sudden change – Unprepared?


Walking by the sidewalk watching every step of the way, staring to the floor kicking small stones, listening to the radio’s top  billboards 2014 singing “Bang bang” on your headset, or with your MP3 playing your choices of garage, deep house, techno, name everything, all available on a USB. Heading to work to start with a cup of coffee, mixing it with spoonfuls of your flavor, or just pressing your choice of espresso, chocolate, or a normal tea. Finally arriving at your office table enjoying the fast internet connection where you can browse everything and get all desired read you’d need from personal to professional data. The best part is, the measure of your best having all the motivations to make you be better productive and efficient. First Question: What is your daily routine?


It is true that life is like a music, to become a good artist you have to learn how to blend the rhythm of a song, the beat of the sound, the right timing and the right vocals for your music production. If the composition is a complete mistake, you junk it and create new. The difference is, when you can do a draft in paper, cannot with life. In poets, they say life is full of mystical surprises, no matter how you prepare, we can’t stop the earthquakes, tsunami, typhoon, or viral diseases from happening, but yet, we can avoid a wide destruction or a massive injury worst death. And in every study we end up with a conclusion of our best choice. Second Question: Can a decision be a mistake


At the life’s difficult times,  we make a decision base on a wild guess or a wild jump to what we think and feel is right. Being made up of a heart and head  that most of us shuffles to use either or, lucky to those that balances both. But decision is always the best of our own individual choices. It may not be great but it will always be our best. Third Question:What does it have to do with a sudden change?


Most decision requires a sudden change, could be a flip of your comfortability like quitting a job, getting married, having a child, getting a loan to buy a house, spending, travelling, etc. Sudden change is not always bad, it can be filling out a lottery, joining, winning, and getting rich, such requires a decision to fill out and join the lottery first making a wild jump that maybe you will win, and so you did write your name and submits the piece of paper and inserted it inside the box, lucky enough that the mystical surprise made you a millionaire in a snap. Now the question is how are you gonna handle the sudden change after you’ve decided that particular best move and now you have to deal with its effect. A sudden change mostly ignites our emotions, it is when we feel deeply overwhelmed, energetic, worst depressed. Either of the positive or negative change may both be bad. At this point, emotions will be our biggest challenge, wherein our action will reflect in our behavior of choice and character of what are we to be after this sudden change challenge hits us.

I have gathered below a few admirable popular that was placed to a sudden change of  their decisions way back and have come back and got better.


Celebrities Who Never Finished High School

Fortune 500 Companies

  • You may wonder why I included this, because every businesses success has to come from its originate decision that creates history.



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